Our first official release under the RadHaus label is now available at Based on poetry and prose written by Rebekkah Hilgraves, this collaboration with Japanese ambient artist Juta Takahashi is a unique offering, combining an evocative ambient soundtrack with readings of a poem (both in English and in Japanese). Spoken tracks recorded at RadHaus. Music recorded and mixed at Lunisolar Studio. Final mastering done at RadHaus.

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Unique studio

RadHaus is a mobile digital recording facility with some good old-fashioned analog devices to give your recording the best possible sound. We use a number of custom components developed specifically to bring out the best features of this unique studio. With the addition of custom binaural recording capabilities, RadHaus is set to make both audiophile and traditional commercial recordings.



Live Events

There is always something going on at the RadHaus. Live performances, audio and video broadcasts, special guests. Check here soon and often to see what’s next.


RadHaus is a very talented team of recording, mixing and mastering engineers, along with a complete marketing and PR division. It’s an exciting group, offering both commercial and audiophile recording, live broadcasts and music video creation.


RadHaus uses a 24-track digital mixer that allows us to create multi-track recordings, and send a great broadcast of your performance or event to video and audio feeds. And for audiophiles, we offer custom binaural recording and mastering, designed by our own LFF and unique to RadHaus.


We have an entire design and marketing team ready to build your brand: logos, photography, album cover designs, layouts, web design, social marketing and more. With decades of marketing experience, we bring your act to market.

Liebesträume released

RadHaus is pleased to announce our first official release, a collaboration between Rebekkah Hilgraves and Juta Takahashi called “Liebesträume”. Liebesträume front cover Liebesträume back cover Based on poetry and prose written by Rebekkah Hilgraves, this collaboration with Japanese ambient artist Juta Takahashi is a unique offering, combining an evocative ambient soundtrack with readings of a poem (both in English and in Japanese). The title “Liebesträume” means “Love Dreams” and has a few layers of meaning: “dreams of love”, “love that dreams”, and even “I love dreams”. The poetry and story included on this album are allegories of the human experience of love’s mystery, where love that is strong enough can make things manifest in “the real world”. Available at CDBaby.... read more

Questions for Artists

John Koch-Northrup posted a series of questions on Ello, and I so enjoyed the questions and the process of considering responses that I thought I’d share the results. What or who inspired you initially? A few different things here. I was quite literally born singing, according to my mother, expressing my wordless dislike for the bright lights of the hospital room by cocking one eye at it and hollering at the top of my lungs. So, hospital lights. Then, when I was five, I had a terrible nightmare and as my mother tried to wake me from it, apparently I was yelling “I wish I had a little mouth! I wish I had a little mouth!” — because everyone was always telling me to “shut my big mouth”. My mother, smart creature that she is, recognized the damage that had been done and sat me down in front of a tape recorder the next morning and made me sing back the tunes from the little concert we had done at my school a week or so before. She tells me I lit up when she played it back, saying “I have a pretty voice!” So, mom. As a teenager, listening to some of the GREAT women of rock in that era (Pat Benatar, Annie Lennox, Joan Jett, etc.), I wanted to be the next Pat Benatar. Learning that she had studied opera before going into rock, I decided I needed to follow in her footsteps, so I started taking voice lessons. My instructor gave me “Un bel di vedremo” from Madama Butterfly to study, and my little melodramatic heart... read more

Tales from the RadHaus, Part Two: It Really *Was* a Mad Idea!

Lots of folks have been asking for an update on the RadHaus story–thanks so much for your interest! It has definitely been an adventure. We had to make some difficult decisions this week, which will result in the official RadHaus launch being delayed a few more months. My romantic notion of restoring the rig I bought has turned out to be ridiculously impractical, so I’m changing the approach a little bit. We’re most definitely still going mobile, but it will be with a much newer, more compact rig. The huge advantages here will be that it will be more reliable right out of the gate, and because it’s smaller (19′), we’ll be able to get it into more locations than we would have the 34′ rig. Van-sized vs. bus-sized: van wins! Meanwhile, you wanted to know more about what was happening, so here goes: After that ignominious entrance into the park in the middle of the Mojave, I spent several weeks cleaning and fixing the rig. It was packed to the gills with boxes and bags of stuff that gradually got stowed in the many cabinets and crannies. “Smallifying” is a fun challenge–kind of like playing 3D Tetris with one’s possessions. My sister, who is a machine when she gets an idea in her craw (and she has many ideas and an excellent craw), stayed a week and helped unpack boxes of cables and gear, helped assemble the production desk and made the place generally livable/workable. She even helped pull out the non-working, space-wasting ice machine (*ice machine?* This thing was clearly designed with partiers in mind!), and put nice... read more

Complete with mascot

The studio cat, Booger, has seen it all. Although he pretends disinterest, he’ll eventually try to make friends with everyone in the room. His favorite spot to hide out is in a little tucked-away corner of the studio, but he also loves to hang out in the windows and do what he does best: own the world.

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